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Identify Your Social Media Strategy Starting Five

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

You are ready to start using social media for your sports program but you have absolutely no idea where to start? No worries I got you!

Before a big game, coaches don't just put five random people on the court and hope for the best. Neither should you start using social media with out a game plan. Below are five things you should consider when creating an all-star social media strategy for your business .

1. Audience

Social media is a communication tool, meaning social media was created to help people connect with other people. Taking the time to know who you are communicating with is vital! You want to know as much as possible about your audience so that the content you create is valuable to them and they want to see it on their timeline. Your audience controls how you use social media. Knowing your audience helps you understand how, where, why, when and what you should share online. Nobody likes talking to someone that does nothing but talk about themselves. Neither does your audience really care that much about your business if it doesn't benefit them, and that's the hard truth.

2. Conversation

Social media is not meant for you to only posting about your next event, prices or why your business is the best. It is not about you! Again, social media is a communication tool and it helps you build relationships with your audience. If you can spark and engage conversations on social media, you won't have to rely on people just stumbling on your page. Take the time to identify what value you bring and what sets you apart from your competitors. Your audience will want to connect with an authentic person that genuinely listens, cares about them and talks about the things they value.

3. Platform

Each social media platform is different! Just like communicating via text, FaceTime or voice call is different so is Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Think about it, your friends may prefer to FaceTime with you but your mom may prefer voice calls. The same is true that most of your audience may prefer to communicate on Instagram, while another group prefers to use Facebook. When selecting a platform you want to choose the one that will give you the greatest chance of building relationships with a majority of your audience.

4. Analysis

I think of social media analysis as Film Review. Social media takes a lot of time and effort, by doing an analysis you have an opportunity to see how that time and effort have paid off. Don't go on social media blindly, only relying on the number of likes you receive as a sign that things are going well! Keep track of some key stats to see how your social media game has improved over time. The key stats may be different for every business but be sure to have something to keep track of so that you can look over it and recognize that even though your page has not gone "viral," you are still doing pretty good.

5. Goals

Your goals are the most important part of your social media Game Plan! I'm not talking vanity social media goals like "I want to have 500 likes on each of my posts!" Those are cool but they are secondary to your business goals. Yes, your business goals are the most important aspect of your social media Game Plan. Not only is social media a great communication tool, it also does an amazing job at helping businesses you reach their goals. Take the time to think about what goals you would like for your business to achieve like, "have 100 kids at my next camp." Then, consider how you can use social media to reach that goal.

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